Logitech SetPoint start problem

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Some time ago I had a nasty problem with my mouse driver. Decent as the hardware from Logitech generally is (mine is G5 Laser Mouse, nothing that I could really complain about, just minor glitches with the wheel – seems it’s getting too old), the SetPoint software left a lot to be desired. It had an unpleasant feature of working correctly some weeks after clean system install (XP Home Edition SP2) and then complaining about corrupted files or failed services. The exact error message declared that “SetPoint has encountered a problem, and can not continue. Please reinstall SetPoint to correct this“.


In fact there was a simple workaround, though a bit annoying, which I used for quite a time. Manually restarting the Logitech SetPoint software after boot-up permitted normal functioning of the driver. It seemed clear that it was some issue with the boot start order and missing components or services at the time of SetPoint’s startup. Obvious as it may have seemed, no method proposed on the Logitech support forums could help resolve this issue (or I just didn’t have enough patience to test every possible service start configuration and reinstall procedure). Not having much time to spare, I had to get by with constant alert boxes on startup and several clicks more to get my system up and running. Not a thing you can’t imagine doing, but it’s just a pain when your software doesn’t work as it should.

A problem almost forgotten, somewhere in mid-February, I rechecked the Logitech’s website. Eventually they’ve managed to provide users with a refurbished version of the driver. I thought I would give it a try (SetPoint 4.4) and indeed it was a good move. At least with my system specs, it’s more than a month (and still counting) as I no longer have any problems with the aforementioned error. I don’t know if it’s a universal panacea for all configurations, but it’s certainly worth a try. Still I have some minor issues with not remembering the default sensitivity setting, but it’s just a nuance no longer having to go through the pestering of “SetPoint has encountered a problem” message.

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